What you get with a masspool djs CD membership and how to join!

masspool djs music service consists of many different styles on "Promotional Copy Only" CD's. We also give you CD Remix Compilations, CD Singles, & Full Length Albums from Major and Independent Record companies throughout the United States and The World. We receive all kinds of music daily including Underground, Dance, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Top 40, Crossover, House, Trance, Reggae, Reggeaton, Latin, International, Salsa, Electro, and 2 Step. Members will also have access to masspools "members only" Digital Secure Site, which consists of the same styles of new music & remixes.

masspool djs average between 850 to 1000 new digital tracks & remixes per month in addition to the promo cds for our members. We would also like you to know many of our titles are rare hard to find original and extended tracks along with remixes that have not been released to the public. Most are not even available on other download sites as quick as ours, if other sites have them at all. In addition to the promotional CDs we give you from the Record Industry every two weeks, our members get 12 exclusive "custom made" High Quality Audio CDs or Data Disc CDs (You Choose) which we ship out to our djs all over the globe. We'll give you, 6 Urban CDs Which consist of Clean, Explicit, Main, Accapellas, and Instrumental versions. We then produce for you 6 Dance, House, Electro, Trance, and Progressive Undergound CDs for the true hard core DJ!

We also make A High Quality monthly CD series called "80 & 90's Club Classics" and then a "Groovy Tunes" of the 60's & 70's series that you can use for your Radio Stations, Mix Shows, Concerts, Night Club Gigs, Road Tours, Raves Etc. So now if you now feel this is JUST what your looking for and want to join, Please fill out our simple membership application and we'll be happy to bring you on board with all of us. We are 100% sure you’ll be very satisfied with our professional music distribution services.

If you have any questions about masspooldjs, please feel free to email us and ask any questions you may have, we will be happy to answer all of your concerns. Once again, thank you for your interest and welcome to masspooldjs if you decide to join our record pool along with some of the top djs in the world who are current members.

With the decline of retail Music Outlets, a hard core dj needs an established Record Pool for their music supply which keeps them on target with what's out there as far as new trends, styles and releases. All of our music is Serato, iTunes, and Traktor Ready to play and all are "ID3" tagged for easy updating in your hard drive music library. So once again, welcome to our world of cutting edge djs, producers and remixers

Membership Details

We ship twice a month, on the 1st and 15th (every two weeks) or once a month if you decide you only want one box sent a month. There are NO Sign up fees or term limits.

To start your membership in masspool just look below for our rates which will give you and idea of what division you’ll want to join.

Please note this is "not" a free service, we work very hard getting you your music everyday and we actually have an office here not like other sites, we do pay bills to stay in business to keep music fresh..


  • The CD and digital division is $64.99 per month. Shipping and insurance is $7 per box sent Post Office Priority Mail or UPS and can be shipped Internationally to other countries. So if your located out of the US, No problem.
  • The MP3 Only Division is $24.99 per month

We accept Credit Cards, Paypal, or personal checks and money orders.

To apply for membership in the CD and MP3 Division, please click HERE.

To apply for membership in the MP3 Only Division, please click HERE.

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