For All Record Labels and Digital Music Suppliers

Due to the overwhelming amount of music we get, we have found that keeping track of all the product requires a large amount of our time. Many music enthusiasts are simply throwing out product to as many email addresses as possible. This is commonly known as "The Shotgun" approach which does not always work.

A well thought out, properly planned, and diligently executed plan works the best for promoting music. In order for us to help you make an impact with record pools, radio stations, and djs, here are our guidlines for submitting digital music.

You will always get back what you put into your projects. so always give it your best!! If you decide to send us CDS and you don't have our address, look at the bottom of evey page and there it is! The minimum amount you'll need to send us is 60 units.

mp3 Requirements:

  • Email the mp3 file directly to us or if you have a large file, going through a specialized site like,, or will work best. Just go the any one of these sites and they'll explain how to upload your music.
  • For Urban tracks any mp3 file sent to us must be no less than 192 kbps quality. For Dance / House / Trance / Underground, files MUST be 320 kbps and no less because it's gives your music the highest quality. Most djs will NOT play any file under 192kbps. Those files will be deleted and we will move on to the next.
  • VERY IMPORTANT Make sure the file is in the format

    "Artist" - "Title" - "Mix".mp3

    For example
    Mariah Carey - Touch My Body (Seamus Haji Club Mix).mp3.

    This is extremely important due to the fact that attached files get saved and emails are deleted and it becomes impossible to know what all the files are.
  • In every mp3 file, there is a feature where you CAN include the Artist, Title, Mix, Label, and other information on the song that is encoded. This is called the IDv2 tag or the IDv3 tag. There will even be plenty of space to include a contact email so when we listen to the file, we will not need the original email to contact the sender. Always make sure we have your contact information so we can contact you.

We Hope this helps with your digital promotional process and it gives you some idea on the best way to email music and get the most out of your projects. If you need more information, please let us know. So now that we guided you, and you want to send us music send your email to this address and we'll get it. .